Solar power


Solar Chargers for Modern Gadgets

Who on earth could have possibly imagined just 20 years ago how dependent so many of us would be on small battery powered portable devices today? Of course there's the cell phone but then there's mp3 players, netbooks, digital cameras, laptops, and the list just goes on and on. The problem … [Continue Reading]


Different Categories Of Solar Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to keep the home safe from various intruders is by installing outdoor lighting. It will not only increase the security of your home, but will also help to change the view and will give a captivating view. Installing outdoor lighting these days is a trend and many people prefer … [Continue Reading]


The Alternative Energy Resource

Solar power is an outstanding green energy source because it is replenishable, and it does not lead to any damage to the environment. By making use of solar cells, sunshine is converted into electricity which can be used in our houses. Basically, there are three different ways we can work with … [Continue Reading]

Wind energy


A Renewable Energy Resource

With the cost of fuel nowadays, there is much talk about alternative energy. One such alternative energy source is wind power, the promise of which when harnessed in bulk, as on wind farms, is being looked into. Wind has the advantage of being a really clean and limitless source of energy. Solar … [Continue Reading]


Wind Farm Efficiency

Wind power is an incredibly clean renewable power source. To capture the energy in wind, wind farms are used. So, how about wind farm efficiency? Wind Farm Efficiency Wind power is the process by which wind is used to generate power or electricity. The power of the wind is actually a form of … [Continue Reading]


History of Wind Mills

How the wind is generated? The unequal heating of land and water by sun is the main cause of wind generation on the earth's surface. The global installed capacity of wind farm is 6000MW and about 10.6 billion units of electricity were generated in 1996, thus reducing CO2 emission by 10.5 million … [Continue Reading]



Gas engines

There were many experiments with gas engines in the 19th century but the first practical engine was built by the Belgian engineer tienne Lenoir in 1860. The best known builder of gas engines in the UK was Crossley, but there were several other firms based in the Manchester area as well. The Anson Engine Museum in … [Continue Reading]


What is Green Gas?

Green gas, or biogas as it is otherwise known offers a replacement to that of natural gas and also provides a solution to landfill waste. Biogas is created from landfill waste, which would otherwise be incinerated, or left there to rot. It consists of a number of products and estimations suggest 20 per cent of UK … [Continue Reading]

Matter Technology


MatterCore – Greenhouse Gas Control & Elimination

MatterCore is an advanced transformational technology that addresses the crucial need to have a safe means to control and eliminate undesirable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. MatterCore technology is capable of controlling and eliminating excess greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) from the emissions of businesses, factories, utility plants and other sources. For more information go to MatterCore … [Continue Reading]

meter Final

MatterCell – New Renewable Energy Source

MatterCell is a revolutionary new technology designed to lower the cost of energy and provide for increasing electricity demands while conserving our natural resources. MatterCell technology enables the generation of renewable electricity, 24/7, on-site and with zero greenhouse gases (GHG’s). It generates affordable clean power from a new source of renewable energy, which is safe, reliable and capable of small to large scale commercial … [Continue Reading]



How to use ethanol as alternative

Ethanol fuel is changing our lives and changing the economy in ways no one anticipated before, with energy costs rising every day, there has been an increased interest in ethanol fuel. Ethanol is a variety of alcohol that can be produced in a natural fashion, similar to the way in which alcoholic beverages are produced. Ethanol can be used by itself in some specially designed vehicles, but it can also be used as a fuel additive, stretching … [Continue Reading]


Is Ethanol Truly A Viable Option?

Most people recognize the simple fact that there is only a certain amount of oil reserves in the planet. And anything that is in limited supply is certain to run out sooner or later. Because all societies are so dependent on oil, if oil ran out before a sufficient alternative was created, there would be bedlam and chaos. The good news is that there are plenty of alternative energy sources being investigated. The bad news is that many of them are … [Continue Reading]


The “cheap gas” that will replace high-priced petroleum?

High gas prices have been a thorn in the side of all drivers for the last few years, as they continue to steadily rise. That is why alternative fuels such as ethanol have gained so much attention during the same period. Some believe that it can be the savior of America's energy policy, while others see it as a fad that is made popular by subsidized corporate backers. There is a lot of misinformation out there about ethanol. The reality of its … [Continue Reading]