Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack Review


If you’re one who is constantly on the move and dependent on a variety of techno-gadgets to keep your life running smoothly, than these backpacks are for you. Voltaic solar backpacks charge virtually any and every handheld electronic device. These solar bags are equipped with a removable battery pack which will store any surplus power [Continue Reading]

Why biogas will be very popular


Biogas has become a major player in energy development in recent years. Major cities across the country have begun to use these generators to dispose of their waste and recycle it for energy use at the same time. They provide a huge amount of power, using something that was originally worthless and would’ve just been [Continue Reading]

The “cheap gas” that will replace high-priced petroleum?


High gas prices have been a thorn in the side of all drivers for the last few years, as they continue to steadily rise. That is why alternative fuels such as ethanol have gained so much attention during the same period. Some believe that it can be the savior of America’s energy policy, while others [Continue Reading]

Solar Chargers for Modern Gadgets


Who on earth could have possibly imagined just 20 years ago how dependent so many of us would be on small battery powered portable devices today? Of course there’s the cell phone but then there’s mp3 players, netbooks, digital cameras, laptops, and the list just goes on and on. The problem though, is that as [Continue Reading]

Gas engines


There were many experiments with gas engines in the 19th century but the first practical engine was built by the Belgian engineer tienne Lenoir in 1860. The best known builder of gas engines in the UK was Crossley, but there were several other firms based in the Manchester area as well. The Anson Engine Museum [Continue Reading]

Producing Ethanol From Corn Commercially


This second article by Absolute Futures will explain the commercial production of ethanol. Ethanol is a product of fermentation. Fermentation is a sequence of reactions which release energy from organic molecules in the absence of oxygen. In this application of fermentation, energy is obtained when sugar is changed to ethanol and carbon dioxide. Changing corn [Continue Reading]

How Do Wind Turbines Work


Wind turbines are starting to become one of the best prospects for sources of clans and renewable energy. The principle is all really very simple; wind turbines harness the kinetic energy of the wind and turn it into electrical energy. Many civilizations from various areas of the globe, even dating back to as far as [Continue Reading]