New Technologies from Northern California


A company called MatterTech in northern California is focused on technological solutions for today’s pressing challenges. They are committed to cutting edge innovations that benefits present and future generations. They say that in order to have a positive impact on climate change and the energy landscape, they have developed transformational technologies that significantly reduce America’s [Continue Reading]

MatterCore – Greenhouse Gas Control & Elimination


MatterCore is an advanced transformational technology that addresses the crucial need to have a safe means to control and eliminate undesirable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. MatterCore technology is capable of controlling and eliminating excess greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) from the emissions of businesses, factories, utility plants and other sources. [Continue Reading]

MatterCell – New Renewable Energy Source

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MatterCell is a revolutionary new technology designed to lower the cost of energy and provide for increasing electricity demands while conserving our natural resources. MatterCell technology enables the generation of renewable electricity, 24/7, on-site and with zero greenhouse gases (GHG’s). It generates affordable clean power from a new source of renewable energy, which is safe, [Continue Reading]