Solar Air Conditioning Has a Future in Your Home


Solar air conditioning is a lesser known solar energy application, but one that has potential for widespread use. Using solar heat to cool a home may seem like a contradictory enterprise but nevertheless has several possible uses in today’s homes, most notably those located in arid climates such as deserts. There are both active (using [Continue Reading]

Portable Solar Generators


Portable solar generators are used when regular electrical power is unavailable, such as during a power outage or on a camping trip. These units collect energy from the sun’s rays and convert it to electrical current, which is then stored for future use on a 12-volt battery. This power may be used to run small [Continue Reading]

Solar Heat Energy For Air Conditioning Purposes


The energy resources of the world are depleting fast with the decrease in fossil fuel reserves. These sources of energy have caused a considerable damage to the environment and are among the chief reasons for global warming. As a result, a number of alternative energy sources have emerged and more and more people are turning [Continue Reading]

Elegant Solar Powered Lighting


If you have ever thought about lighting in your yard, you have probably thought about solar lights. Landscape lighting is probably the most popular outdoor home improvement project around. Most home builders do not provide landscape lighting and most home owners do not want to deal with a contractor to install low voltage systems, all [Continue Reading]

iPhone Solar Charger

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< The iPhone is being used more than ever these days and with good reason. The iPhone has numerous features that most people want but they are a drain on the battery. The fact is that the more the iPhone is used the faster the battery is being consumed. However, these days there is a [Continue Reading]

The Importance Of Solar iPhone Chargers


People can make use of solar iPhone chargers in order to charge their iPhone whenever they are not at home. The solar charger is a very small and light device which can be used in any place which has a reasonable exposure to sunlight. Since this solar charger is a very light and handy device, [Continue Reading]

Battery Chargers


We all realise that electric power cost is rising these days and it will quite possibly go up in the future. When working with electrical power complications, money is a large consideration which is the reason why you need to start opening your thoughts towards the notion of photovoltaic driven machines. These gadgets also comes [Continue Reading]